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World Food Day - 10/19/2016

World Food Day.

By Tiffany Wiguna PGY-1

Let’s talk food. Food is necessary for life. It helps our bodies grow and function, and it provides us the nutrients we need to be healthy and strong. Food brings our families and communities together, carries rich cultural and family traditions, and plays a big role in our favorite family memories. However, America today has a huge problem. All the way from the manufacturers who make our food, to the advertisers who sell our food, the stores and restaurants where we get our food, and our own homes where we eat our food, we have pushed and exceeded the limit of the amount of food we eat. Not only that, but we have sacrificed good healthy quality nutrients for the largest sugar and fat contents in history.

Jose Montano Foundation Donates to our pediatric clinic - 09/27/2016

Jose Montano became famed from San Diego to the South Bay for his courageous and giving spirit, founding Jose Montano Foundation. He made trips to local hospitals, visiting children undergoing cancer treatment, while himself still undergoing treatment for his rare form of brain cancer.

The foundation provides healthy snacks and toys to children in local hospitals. “We started out with Jose passing out lollipops and we went on from there. And now thank God we’re able to reach out to more families," Mr. Montano says. "It’s a beautiful mission that he left for us to complete and here we are.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Call 2-1-1 - 06/27/2016

by Melinda Palma M.D., PGY-1

Sorry, not Ghostbusters. Not even 411.


Angelenos can call 211 to get information and connections to critical resources.

Since the early 1980s, Los Angeles has had a unique program called, “211 LACounty.” This non-profit organization connects people to social services and community resources. They can be reached by phone at 2-1-1 or on the web at www.211la.org.

Callers can tell the specially trained staff what they need. Then, almost instantly they get connected to help. The list of available services includes shelters, health care, early childhood programs, substance abuse programs, veterans’ services, food programs and much more.

211 LACounty services are free, confidential and available 24/7. Callers can get help in their own languages. More than140 languages are offered, including services for the hearing impaired.

Get to Know: The New Interns - 06/20/2016

tchowTiffany ChowBen‐Gurion University of the Negev. Tiffany obtained her BS at UCLA in Physiological sciences. Prior to medical school, she has served on mission trips to Haiti and as a camp counselor for foster youth. Tiffany also was an intern with Campus Crusade for Christ for two years. While at Ben‐Gurion, she served on the Board of Directors and was the dance captain for the Light Opera Group of Negev Beer Sheva. Her hobbies besides dance include musical theatre, acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, cooking and gardening.


Dr. Sonia Morales recipient of NHMA Hispanic Health Resident Leadership Award - 06/13/2016


Dr. Sonia Morales - PGY2, pictured middle

Dr. Sonia Morales - PGY2, is having a great year. Fresh off of being named a New Century Scholar by the Academic Pediatric Association, she has received the Hispanic Health Resident Leadership Award from the National Hispanic Medical Association.

The NHMA culls just 20 residents from a large list of applicants, choosing those with great leadership potential as evidenced in work experience and other community activities. Through the advocacy curriculum provided by Harbor Pediatrics as well as her own diligence, Sonia has exemplified great leadership and community service through advocacy.

Following the award banquet in Washington DC, Dr. Morales and her cohorts participated in a meeting to continue to discuss Federal policy and academic issues.

Former chief residents salute Dr. Jonas - 05/06/2016

The Former Chief Residents Salute Dr. Jonas As He Steps Down As The Chair of Pediatrics.
Thank You For Your Service The Last 17 Years!

Pediatric Residents Are Collecting Toiletries for Low-Income Children - 05/02/2016


by ChrisAnna Mink M.D.

Harbor-UCLA Department of Pediatrics residents have joined the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) FACE Poverty campaign with collecting personal care items for low-income children. They have partnered with Community’s Child, a non-profit organization located in Lomita that provides safe living environments, training and education for homeless women and their children.

Nearly 20% of children live in poverty in U.S., and that rate is even higher in some communities surrounding Harbor. Childhood poverty has negative consequences for health, academic achievement and overall well-being for those afflicted. Recognizing the profound effects of poverty, the AAP Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees (SOMSRFT) chose to focus on the issue with its annual advocacy campaign, called FACE Poverty.

The four components of the campaign include:

Child Abuse Prevention – It’s in Our Hands - 04/26/2016


by Melissa Jimenez M.D. and Lauren Maltby, Ph. D.


Deonte Jameson* was 11 years old when he first came to the Kids In the Dependency System (K.I.D.S.) Clinic at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center last fall. His teacher had noticed belt marks on his arms and alerted Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the county’s child protective agency. In 2015, Deonte was one of 28,000 children under DCFS’ supervision, one of the largest child welfare systems in the country.

It’s National Infant Immunization Week – Give It A Shot! - 04/21/2016


by ChrisAnna Mink MD

Few things in medicine have been as deified or as demonized as vaccines. It is mind-boggling how products that have literally saved millions of lives could be regarded with such contempt – but they are.

This week, however, it’s time to revere vaccines – it’s National Infant Immunization Week. Harbor-UCLA Department of Pediatrics has a long history of vaccine research, starting with Hemophilus vaccines in the 1980’s to more recent vaccine safety data trials, all making major contributions to public health. I am delighted to celebrate the researchers, physicians, regulators and study volunteers who have made vaccines possible, giving us the #powertoprotect.

Pediatricians as Child Advocates - 04/08/2016


By ChrisAnna Mink M.D.

Dr. Daniel Yu (far left) at Carson High School Health Fair

“That was a really fun experience,” said Dr. Samantha Snider, about teaching how the urinary tract system works to Meyler Elementary School students, during her advocacy rotation. Dr. Julie Noble, director of the advocacy rotation in the Department of Pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, couldn’t be happier about Snider’s reaction. Noble began leading the rotation because of her commitment to the community’s kids and a desire to foster that passion in her trainees.

As pediatricians, our mission is to promote child health and wellbeing. Keeping kids healthy includes assuring that they are in safe environments, with enough to eat, good education and access to quality health care. But, those aren’t the circumstances for many children, and pediatricians feel compelled to help – some times by finding tangible items, and at other times, by campaigning for child-friendly legislation. Simply put, being a child advocate is just part of the job!