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Quadruplets One Year Birthday

By Romel Edmond - Posted on 28 September 2015

The Cervantes quadruplets are back again. One year after delivery and six months since their last visit, the quadruplets who along with big brother Diego, captured our hearts and put our NICU team through the ringer, are all doing well.

“It’s been very busy,” Mr. Cervantes says. “Very busy. But life goes on.” It seems they are beginning to get the hang of having quadruplets. Mrs. Cervantes recounted a story of briefly losing one of the quadruplets who was pushing her baby-walker to the limits.

Already they have distinctive personalities that are distinguishing themselves from one another. Similar to a certain Disney film, there’s the quiet one, the fighter (scratching and biting), the serious one and the one with the piercing grey eyes who is ever so curious about everything within touching range.

The NICU team, including Dr. Soina Dargan provided cupcakes from Miss Priss Cupcakes and Such, a Long Beach bakery to celebrate the one-year birthday of the quadruplets, culminating with a Happy Birthday song by everyone present.

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The Harbor Quads Turn 1 Today!!! Happy Birthday

Posted by Harbor-UCLA Pediatrics on Saturday, September 26, 2015

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