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Pediatric Grand Rounds: Dr. Daniel Levi - 10/21/2015

Daniel Levi, MD

Daniel Levi, MD will be speaking October 21st at 8:30am at Pediatric Grand Rounds in Parlow Library. Dr. Levi will be speaking on the topic of: "Update in Transcatheter Heart Valve for Congenial Heart Disease".

Dr. Levi is a board certified pediatrician. He completed his internship and residency at University of California, San Francisco and completed his fellowship at UCLA School of Medicine where he is currently a pediatric cardiologist.

Scholarly Activity Report for September - 10/21/2015

takes photo during a ceremony of appointment.

Scholarly Activity Report - September

Doctors Rotter, Dickson, Chen, Guo, Taylor, and Sifuentes are all members involved with Child Health Research Program.

Pediatric Emergency Art Recognized by County - 10/20/2015

Harbor-UCLA is being awarded the County Image Enhancement Award for the procurement of art throughout Pediatric Emergency made possible by the Art Beautification Committee and donors. There is also a donor wall commemorating the hard work and contributions by members of Harbor-UCLA staff, faculty and South Bay community.

The County Image Enhancement Award will be given at the 29th annual Productivity and Quality Awards ceremony for "Using Art to Create a Healing Environment". The event will be at the Grand Hall of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on October 21st at 11:30 AM.

There will also be a live webstream of the event: http://ceo.lacounty.gov/qpc.html. You can also follow the event on twitter with the hashtag #PQA2015

Update: DHS Director Dr. Mitchell Katz accepted the award. The award ceremony is available online for viewing: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/75967760

Halloween Trick or Treat in the Ward! - 10/02/2015

It's that time of year again when Child Life in the department of Pediatrics plan to celebrate Halloween.

Friday, October 30th (TBA) Trick or Treat Route on the 6E Pediatric Ward. The plan is for each child on the Ward, PICU, NICU and Level 2 to receive a costume in the morning to wear and take home. All patients who are cleared to leave their rooms will participate in a trick or treat route. Due to dietary restrictions for most we kindly ask for any non-edible donations to put in trick-or-treat bags. Please spread the word to your department and we hope to make this very special for our children. We ask for a quantity for approximately 50 patients. The following are some ideas:

* Stickers
* Activity Packs/Sets
* Notepads
* Journals
* Erasers
* Hand-held electronic games
* Matchbox Cars
* Pencils
* Markers
* Activity/Coloring books
* Age-appropriate books/magazines
* Rattles/Infant toys
* CDs
* We don't want to forget our infants and teen population as well!
* Gift Cards to nearby food chains for Older Teen/Adult patients

Quadruplets One Year Birthday - 09/28/2015

The Cervantes quadruplets are back again. One year after delivery and six months since their last visit, the quadruplets who along with big brother Diego, captured our hearts and put our NICU team through the ringer, are all doing well.

“It’s been very busy,” Mr. Cervantes says. “Very busy. But life goes on.” It seems they are beginning to get the hang of having quadruplets. Mrs. Cervantes recounted a story of briefly losing one of the quadruplets who was pushing her baby-walker to the limits.

Already they have distinctive personalities that are distinguishing themselves from one another. Similar to a certain Disney film, there’s the quiet one, the fighter (scratching and biting), the serious one and the one with the piercing grey eyes who is ever so curious about everything within touching range.

Donor Wall Unveiling for Peds Emergency Building - 09/01/2015

When the doors to the pediatric emergency facility opened, it became the job of the beautification and art committee to uphold their namesake with works of art to decorate the spacious building. Dr. Marianne Gausche-Hill, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, among others, took it upon themselves to see to it that the healing through art as well as medicine permeated the atmosphere of our newest wings.

"It was a huge effort by many people who believed we could transform this hospital, this healing place, through art," says Dr. Gausche-Hill. The committee reached out to over 150 artists. They received over 500 images and were able to cull it down to 300 works art that can be seen throughout the building. Every room on all three floors has an image promoting healing, which is what health care is about.

Summer Fellows of 2015 - 08/13/2015

Every summer, Harbor-UCLA and LA BioMed bring in more than a dozen students from local area high schools and give them the experience of a lifetime, giving them the role and title of Summer Fellow. The Summer Fellowship Program is directed by Harbor Pediatrics professor of Pediatrics Dr. Basil Ibe.

The LA BioMed Summer Fellowship Program has been providing Senior and graduating high school students with hands-on science learning and career exploration opportunities since 1977. This, it’s 38th year, brings the number to more than 400 people who have gotten the opportunity for real-life experience in the laboratory setting under the guidance of some of the nation’s leading biomedical investigators and physicians.

Tools of the Trade: MS Band - 08/12/2015

The Tools of the Trade series is a review of technology used by Harbor Pediatrics faculty and staff. Reviews are not bought or paid for. We do not officially endorse these products.

Microsoft has entered the smart watch arena with the Microsoft Band. Don’t let the modest name fool you – it is more than a wrist accessory and is every bit the smart watch that it’s immediate competitor, the Apple iWatch is.

Dr. Patricia Dickson is satisfied with her recently purchased Microsoft Band. She’s seen increased productivity with it and has only good things to say about the affordable smart watch(only $199 compared with the Apple iWatch range of $350-$1,500). When I asked Dr. Dickson to sum up the Microsoft Band, she called it a “hybrid fitness tracker with productivity-type applications.”
The three pillars of the Microsoft Band are Health, Productivity, and Connectivity.


The Microsoft Band utilizes a wireless “tether” to your smart phone, meaning you’ll have to lug it within Bluetooth range in your pocket or bag to get the most out of it.

Body Cooling Comes to Harbor Pediatrics - 08/10/2015

Neonatal Hypothermia Clinical Therapeutic Cooling. Or, simply put: body cooling.

What happens, as Dr. Passi (who is implementing it here at Harbor Pediatrics) explains it, is that sometimes, around the time they are being born, babies go into severe distress (before, during or after birth) causing them to be unable to breathe immediately after birth. The event can be caused by blood supply being cut off or an issue with the placenta or fetus. It doesn’t happen very often, Dr. Passi reassures, but it is a significant issue that can have long-lasting effects on the baby.

"We'll use body cooling anytime we have a perinatal hypoxic event, which basically means the brain and body is not able to receive oxygen," says Dr. Passi. "Basically, we use a cooling system which has been used for multiple years on adults. The system slows down the cascade of events that happen after perinatal hypoxia event, potentially decreasing deleterious effects later on.

Science Fridays: Rohit Passi, MD, Presenting Electrical Grounding Study - 08/06/2015


Dr. Rohit Passi, MD, FAAP, will be presenting his study on electrical grounding in the neonatal environment at Science Fridays. The Science Fridays talk is officially titled "An Electrical Environment in the NICU and Role of Electrical Grounding in Modulating Autonomic Nervous System of Preterm Infants."

As the flyer states, everyone in the LA BioMed community is welcome to attend. There will be pizza and refreshments.

Electrical Grounding research that Dr. Passi brought with him when he joined us at Harbor Pediatrics.

In that interview, he said:

"The pretense is that babies in the NICU are exposed to a lot of electromagnetic fields. Babies in the NICU, especially the premature ones, are in that incubator and ventilator and all of the machines next to them. All of those machines emit electromagnetic fields, so my interest is in their environment and how it impacts them, being that it is an artificial environment that we have created."

The science talk is being held in the first floor conference room of the CDCRC building at 4pm on Friday, August 7th.