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Jose Montano Foundation Donates to our pediatric clinic

By Romel Edmond - Posted on 27 September 2016

Jose Montano became famed from San Diego to the South Bay for his courageous and giving spirit, founding Jose Montano Foundation. He made trips to local hospitals, visiting children undergoing cancer treatment, while himself still undergoing treatment for his rare form of brain cancer.

The foundation provides healthy snacks and toys to children in local hospitals. “We started out with Jose passing out lollipops and we went on from there. And now thank God we’re able to reach out to more families," Mr. Montano says. "It’s a beautiful mission that he left for us to complete and here we are.

There are only smiles as Mr. and Mrs. Montano visits our hemonc patients, turning another run-of-the-mill day of treatment into a day of surprise snacks and gifts. Inside each care package is a rock custom-painted with designs and words of encouragement from Jose elementary school classmates which was featured on the news for his Make-A-Wish wish for a new playground for his classmates.

The foundation gets its toys from donations, fundraisers and a 5k walk. Visit their website here: http://josemontanofoundation.org/

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