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Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang's Medical Device Featured in Daily Breeze

By Romel Edmond - Posted on 12 November 2014

Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang's medical devices have once again landed him in the news. In addition, we profiled Dr. Chang in our Faculty Spotlight series.

Dr. Chang's ECG device designed for long QT syndrome screening in newborns recently entered phase two of development. He has described his ECG device as his "big one," the one he believes can potentially save the most lives.

"There are about 2,000 occurrences of SIDS per year. I don't think the monitor will prevent all SIDS, but I think it can have the potential to save several hundred lives if it is really effective and finally brought to the market," Dr. Chang said. "We have to prove it in a clinical trial."

In the Daily Breeze article, Dr. Chang recounts a dramatic experience he had while he was an intern at Harbor-UCLA that helped inspire him to become a pediatric cardiologist.

It happened on a winter’s night at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center when he was still an intern. The baby’s heart had stopped beating. While Chang and his team tried to restart it, the child’s mother was shouting from the hallway. “‘Save my baby! Save my baby!’ ” Chang recalled the woman saying. “That voice has stuck in my head.”

- Daily Breeze

In addition to his ECG device, Dr. Chang has a Pulse Oximeter in development as well.

Dr. Chang is a pediatric cardiologist focused on public health issues related to infants and children with heart disease. His research has centered on the prevention of sudden death from silent or undiagnosed heart conditions and he has authored numerous publications on the subject.

Read the Daily Breeze article here.

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