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Six Month Birthday Party for Cervantes Quadruplets

By Romel Edmond - Posted on 27 March 2015

Maria and Rodrigo Cervantes gathered at the Child Life playground surrounded by family in a joyous celebration of the six month birthday of their quadruplets. Maria was not sure what the names would be until the quadruplets were born, but she insisted they would be biblical in nature which is consistent with their first born son Rodrigo Jr. who is middle named Mateo (Gift of God).

Theresa Carnes, RN and Nurse Educator, recalls many meetings of all of the different disciplines to coordinate the arrival of the quadruplets. "There were a few drills. We had a lot of coordination between OB and Peds," she reflected. "Since they were premies, there had to be a respiratory therapist, NICU nurse, and many others." There was a team from pediatrics for each quadruplet.

Fast forward six months and we have four healthy babies flanked by their older brother Rodrigo Jr who is sticking his nose in birthday cake while his mom patiently cuts the first piece.

For all the controlled chaos surrounding their birth, the quadruplets were quiet as an ocean breeze during their birthday party in the Child Life playground. There was a little spittle here and there, but no fussing from them as they passed through the gleeful hands of friends, family and faculty who all came together to celebrate their six month birthday.

The birthday party was arranged by Dr. Soina Dargan who was also instrumental in the transition of the Cervantes' health care from their previous hospital to Harbor-UCLA.

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