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England’s Mental Health Experiment: Free Talk Therapy

New York Times - Health - 3 hours 57 min ago

The two creators of the program concluded that providing therapy, creating a system of primary care for mental health, made economic sense.

Global Health: In Some Countries, Women Get Days Off for Period Pain

New York Times - Health - 5 hours 12 min ago

In some countries, companies offer women paid time off for period pain. But some experts fear these policies reinforce dated stereotypes.

It’s High Time for Ticks, Which Are Spreading Diseases Farther

New York Times - Health - 5 hours 23 min ago

The disease-carrying blood suckers are spreading more pathogens and putting more Americans at risk, even for more rare illnesses.

New C.D.C. Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight

New York Times - Health - 9 hours 28 min ago

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald said she would consider taking money from Coke for C.D.C. programs despite the agency’s having cut ties with the company in the past.

Personal Health: The Subtle Signs of a Thyroid Disorder

New York Times - Health - 14 hours 40 min ago

Routine blood tests may fail to detect insufficient thyroid hormone, leaving patients without an accurate explanation for their symptoms.