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Advertising: XOXO Campaign: Will It Spell Profit or Trouble for Condom Maker?

New York Times - Health - 3 hours 53 min ago

In a time when social media outrage can be prompted with one misstep, Trojan is unveiling an ad campaign directed at women.

Take a Number: Common Nursery Products Send Thousands of Children to Hospitals

New York Times - Health - 11 hours 34 min ago

Baby carriers, mattresses, strollers and other fixtures lead to injuries and emergency room visits for some 66,000 young children a year, a study finds.

Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging

New York Times - Health - 13 hours 16 min ago

Drinking sugary beverages is associated with markers of accelerated aging and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study reports.

Video Games Help Model Brain’s Neurons

New York Times - Health - 13 hours 28 min ago

A video game is being used to help understand the structure of neurons, which could aid in treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Heart Attack Survivors Often Fail to Take Statins

New York Times - Health - 13 hours 49 min ago

Most patients in a large study either took less of the lifesaving medicines than needed or stopped taking the drugs entirely within two years.

Q&A: A Dry Side Effect

New York Times - Health - 14 hours 8 min ago

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a frequent side effect of many commonly prescribed drugs.

Global Health: Fatal Malaria in the U.S. More Common Than Previously Known

New York Times - Health - 15 hours 53 min ago

Hospital data suggests that some immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, thinking they are still immune, do not take precautions on home visits.