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Tools of the Trade: Notability

Notability is my favorite note-taking app, hands down. I used it throughout residency and have recently used it at a couple conferences. I typically use it to either take notes on a blank page or, more commonly, take notes directly on the lecture slides (assuming they are provided beforehand). Both the note-taking and organizational interface are user-friendly.

If you sign up for a Google Drive account and sync it with the app, it’ll be able to convert Microsoft Office docs (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) into a format on which you can take notes. If you have a cloud storage service like Dropbox, it can automatically backup your notes there and sync them across drives. The app also allows you to record the speaker while you’re taking notes – just remember to ask the presenter for permission to record beforehand!

- Dr. Daniel Lamb, Hospitalist

Notability is available for $2.99 in the App Store.