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Harbor-UCLA Pediatrics "Resident Spotlight" on Drs Karandikar, Gotesman, and Mehra

Drs. Mehra, Gotesman, Karandikar, Dasgupta, and Mrs. DasguptaLeft to Right: Drs. Mehra, Gotesman, Karandikar, Dasgupta, and Mrs. Dasgupta

For the denizens of rural Guatemala, access to medicine is sparse, and more advanced medicine like surgeries are out of reach. The resources that are available, such as the state-of-the-art facilities in Guatemala City, are not accessed by enough people due to the lack of traveling means. Many aren't even even aware the facilities exist. Including the usual sicknesses that people contract, the people of Guatemala face the highest rate of chronic child malnutrition in the Western hemisphere, with rates often higher than 80% in rural areas.

Since 2007, Dr. Shom Dasgupta has been going to Guatemala as a fieldworker and staff physician for the non-...