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Harbor-UCLA Mother Expecting Quadruplets

Harbor-UCLA patient and mother Maria Cervantes is expecting quadruplets. She and her husband Rodrigo Cervantes have not had an easy road but since they came to Harbor-UCLA, they've received excellent care and are excited about the incoming additions to their family.

It wasn't until four months into her pregnancy during a visit at her previous hospital that Mrs. Cervantes found out that she was pregnant with not one baby, but four. The surprise came when Mrs. Cervantes was feeling sick during her pregnancy, and what was supposed to be a routine ultrasound revealed four babies and not just one.

"Doctors and nurses were coming in and out. They wouldn't show me the monitor. I said 'If something is wrong, I want you to please tell my husband to come in. I want him here before you tell me something is wrong.'" After Mr. Cervantes entered the room, the doctor asked the married couple of...