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Happy Hats for the 4th of July

An ordinary Thursday morning turned into a quick reminder that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Sheri Schrier and her team returned to Harbor Pediatrics with their Happy Hats. She was joined by City of Torrance mayor Patrick Furey. They came, this time, with hand-made hats of red, white and blue. Expect happy hats to sit atop 250 heads this weekend. That's the number of hats the non profit organization brought with them to pass out. The hats came in many different styles including the classic hat, french chapeau style, the court jester, mad hatter, and more.

After the loss of her younger brother, father, mother and grandmother to cancer, Sheri Schrier founded Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals with her husband, aiming to put smiles on the faces of hospitalized children to ease their pain so they won't have to experience the emotional trauma that devastated her.

During one...