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Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalance Now Up to 1-in-68

April is Autism Awareness month. A small torrent of studies has recently been released, the most recent and most chilling among them is the report by the AAP -- "Autism prevalence now 1 in 68, varies by sex, race/ethnic group." -- makes the spreading of awareness all the more important.

The jump in prevalence represents a 30% increase, according to the survey, leading many researchers to now describe the occurrence of autism spectrum as common.

The study found the following:

  • Intellectual ability of children with ASD varies greatly. About half of the children have average or above-average intellectual ability (i.e., IQ above 85) compared to only one-third 10 years ago.
  • Boys remain more likely to be identified with ASD with one in 42 diagnosed compared with one in 189 girls.
  • Prevalence also varied by racial/ethnic group, with non-Hispanic white...