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Westerly School Students Donate Books to Harbor Pediatrics

On Tuesday February 11, Harbor Pediatrics received a much appreciated donation of books for our pediatric patients from the Westerly School in Long Beach. The books were donated and delivered by 4th and 5th grade students from Westerly.

The students said it did not take them long to gather the books. "We got all the books and organized them yesterday," said 4th grader Kaaya whose favorite book is "The Kingdom Keepers". Dr. Adam Jonas, Chair of Pediatrics, wondered who did "all the heavy lifting." "All of us," they chorused in perfect unison.

Fifth grader Samantha likes fantasy books; 5th grader Ivy likes the Hunger Games series; Tyler likes books with action, too. There were plenty of all those genres in the two large carts of books the students hauled in.

"Over one hundred," estimated Mr. David Perram, Director of Student...